Property Management

An Ever Evolving, Changing Retail & Commercial Property Landscape Requires an experienced Property Manager.

The world of retail and commercial property is evolving rapidly and the implications for retail property are significant. An in depth understanding of the cyclical and structural shift happening in the industry enables the team at One Retail to stay ahead of any of these changes and pivot a property’s positioning where and when required to ensure relevance to maintain and grow value.

Our Technology

We pride ourselves on utilising the latest property technology to support the delivery of our services. Most commercial agents use outdated software that has simply not kept pace with the ever-changing commercial property environment.

Re-Leased is the latest cloud-based, commercial specific software system and is the best-in-class solution for Commercial Property Management. The use of this platform enables us to minimise risk, increase efficiency and ultimately enhance our ability to protect, enhance and grow the value of our client’s assets.

Property Management Services

Our comprehensive property management services include:

Tenant Management. Including but not limited to invoicing and collecting the rent from each tenant, managing rent arrears and generally manage the relationship and build rapport with our client’s tenants

Risk Management. Including but not limited to attending to all tenant issues such as requests for rental assistance and make well informed, considered recommendations to our clients

Financial Reporting. We provide a monthly statement and end of financial year reports clearly detailing rent and expenses for each period and all other pertinent financial information

Lease Issues. We provide advice around matters that may arise from time to time including rent reviews, lease renewals, lease assignments, subletting or new leases

Property Management. We manage any issue that may arise from the property such as repairs and maintenance. We also pay and manage each of the properties expenses and other building outgoings on behalf of our client.

Sustainability. ‘Australia’s built environment accounts for almost a quarter of the nation’s greenhouse gas emissions and more than half of electricity consumption’ Australian Sustainable Built Environment Council

Because of this, we take Sustainability seriously. We all have our part to play.

We can assist our clients achieve their sustainability goals. There are numerous strategies that can be adopted to improve our clients Sustainability DNA.

Investors with strong Sustainability DNA are more likely to deliver financial value and a lasting positive impact for their people, society, and the environment.


Can One Retail manage my retail AND my commercial properties?

We offer comprehensive property management services for all retail and commercial property, large and small.

What does it cost for One Retail to manage my property?

This really depends on the type of asset it is and how big or small it is.

Typically, there will be a property management fee that is usually based as a % of rent received on the premises but can also be an agreed dollar number, the latter being more common with larger assets.  This fee is calculated ad payable at the end of each month.

There are of course leasing fees that apply when the property needs to be leased as well as fees that may arise from time to time, for example, if we are required to appear on our clients behalf at a Tribunal or Court. Ask us for a quote today.

Do I have to sign a long-term property management contract?

Our Exclusive Management Agreements are very flexible as it allows any client to terminate the agreement with simply providing 30 days’ notice. Whilst we think this scenario is unlikely, we feel its important to give our clients choice and ease of movement.

This notice period may be different for substantial assets under management such as shopping centres.