Retail Leasing

Retail Leasing – Projects

We have developed One Retail’s 3 step Project Leasing Cycle which outlines the methodical process we follow to ensure we achieve a relevant and best in class outcome for any retail development.

1. Retail Planning & Strategy

A comprehensive approach to the retail planning is central to the success of any retail project.

  • Insight, Analysis, Assessment
  • Retail Strategy, Positioning, Vision
  • Retail Planning
  • Design & Development Planning
  • Commercial Analysis & Summary

2. Project Leasing

The execution of all deals to deliver on the agreed retail plan

  • Direction on all Project Marketing & Campaign Collateral
  • Early Engagement
  • Project Leasing
  • Accountability, Reporting, Documentation
  • Inform & support other development functions

3. Delivery

Finalising a deal is just the start of our involvement in the process. We ensure the project launch and opening is a success

  • Support and Guidance to the Retail Design, Tenancy Delivery and Development Management Functions
  • Retail Design Management and Lease Administration
  • Deal Custodian from Deal Negotiation to Open and Trading

Retail Leasing – Existing Assets

We offer retail leasing services for operational assets including the development and/or refinement of an assets retail mix and market positioning.

For the repositioning of existing assets, we follow a similar approach to One Retail’s Project Leasing Cycle combined with further work on benchmarking against similar assets. This usually includes:

  • Analysing the performance of the asset and benchmarking against the relevant Australian averages and other available market data
  • Refining or re-setting the assets retail positioning
  • Developing the retail strategy
  • Developing and/or refining the assets retail plan

For premium retail strip assets located in the CBD, City Fringe, or other suburban urban villages, we offer an elevated level of retail leasing by bringing the sophistication and methodical approach required with large scale retail assets and projects, to the local level.


Does One Retail only work on Retail assets?

Whilst we have extensive experience in retail, we have also been involved with many mixed-use projects that can encompass retail, office, and residential components. We are therefore able to execute the leasing on all aspects of a mixed-use building including office

Does One Retail only do large retail projects?

Whilst we have extensive experience delivering the retail leasing on large scale projects, we quite often work on premium retail strip shops in the CBD, City Fringe and other quality suburban urban villages.

Can One Retail manage my commercial and retail properties?

We offer comprehensive property management services for all retail and commercial property, both large and small. Refer to Property Management (link to Property Management page)

What is the difference between a Retail lease and Commercial lease?

The structure of key terms is usually similar such as rent, lease term, rent reviews however a retail lease is governed by the Retail Leases Act 1994.

A retail lease (and the Retail Leases Act 1994) apply to premises which are used for selling goods or services, sites used wholly or predominantly for the carrying of a business listed in Schedule 1 of the Act, and any business located in a shopping centre.

Exceptions to this are:

  • Leases with a term of less than 6 months
  • Leases for a term of greater than 25 years
  • Shops with a floor space exceeding 1000 square metres
  • Shops run by a landlord on a tenant’s behalf
  • Premises in office towers that are part of a retail shopping centre

There are many more nuances to retail leasing as it is a highly specialised field. There are many different retail usages that can do deals in retail assets, all of them have a different set of requirements and varying capacities to pay rent.Commercial leases are leases which usually apply to premises used for warehousing, industrial or office space.